The SUNRISE summer school is dedicated to the dissemination of best practises for the study, documentation, knowledge generation, and communication of the coastal heritage using cutting-edge geomatics technologies for the acquisition, processing, and management of 3D data.

The site selected as a case study for the summer school is the Archaeological Park of Caucana (Sicily – Italy), which hosts archaeological remains from the late antiquity period (IV-V century CE).

The summer school’s main objective is to collect and connect the needs of the different operators involved in the study, management, dissemination, and safeguard of the coastal heritage in order to create a shared approach to the different issues related to this kind of heritage.

Several actors will be involved in the summers school’s activities: experts in the field of geomatics, CH operators from the Soprintendenza del Mare, and the Soprintendenza per I Beni Archeologici of Sicily (that are in charge of archaeological site safeguard and protection), representative of the municipality of Santa Croce Camerina (the administrative territory in which the archaeological site is located).

The summer school will be based on a Learning by Doing approach that will foster a major effort from both participants and tutors in a pragmatic approach: only 20% of the time will be dedicated to frontal lectures while the remaining 80% will be spent in on-site field acquisition, data processing, and interpretation, report preparation by the participants supervised from the tutors.

The lectures proposed to the participants of the summer school will be held by recognized researchers and Professors that are also actively involved both in the ISPRS and SIFET societies and will be organized to provide a general overview of the most up to date methodologies that can be deployed for the documentation of the coastal heritage.

The lectures will not only be dedicated to the presentation of different geomatics techniques and their deployment in the field, but a specific focus will be on the contribution in the field of coastal heritage documentation and how the derived metric products can be effectively used for its study, management, safeguard and dissemination. After a general overview on the possibilities offered by digital documentation approaches and their limitations, several specific techniques will be briefly reviewed starting from traditional topographic techniques (such as GNSS and Total Station), moving towards terrestrial, aerial, and underwater photogrammetry, and also range-based techniques such as Terrestrial Laser scanning. Finally, different issues connected with the management and interpretation of 3D data will be tackled and discussed.

All the instruments that will be used in the field will be provided by the organizers’ institutions including topographic instruments (GNSS receivers and total stations), UAVs and UWROV, DSLR cameras, 360° cameras, UW positioning systems, TLS, etc.
During the first on-site visit, the participants will be informed on the archaeological site’s history, its evolution during the time, and its connection with the surrounding environment (the Soprintendenza del Mare, and the Soprintendenza per I Beni Archeologici of Sicily will be in charge of this part).
After that, all the participants will be divided into working groups on the basis of their background and a specific thematic focus will be assigned to each group. These thematic focuses are connected on the one hand with the documentation approaches that will be deployed in the field, on the other hand with the processing and interpretation of data. Each group is expected to produce a final report by the end of the summer school that will be presented and discussed with the other participants and the tutors.

After the end of the summer school the tutors, and the participants that wish to expand their work, will refine the outcomes of the different reports that will be collected and made available online. It will also be possible to organize a final public event to present these final products to all the different stakeholders that could be interested in the result achieved.